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Contemporary Austrian Literature on Age/ing

Teresa Hartinger

My dissertation project focuses on contemporary works of the Austrian literary landscape with regard to their representation of age/ing. In the course of this, a critical examination of age stereotypes will be carried out in order to provide a new perspective on old age.

Keywords: literature, Austria, age/ing, stereotypes

Alte und Hochaltrige Migrant*innen in Graz

Anna-Christina Kainradl

In her dissertation project Anna-Christina Kainradl analyzes Austrian migrants in Graz and how they experience health and develop health literacy in the context of the Austrian healthcare system. She analyzes ethical theories against the backdrop of discrimination of old migrants within the Austrian healthcare system.

Keywords: Ethics, care, aging and migration, medical ethics, health literacy, dementia

Transhumanism and Class in 21st Century Literature and Film

Christian Perwein

My dissertation project concerns itself with depictions of transhumanist developments in contemporary works of literature and film. A closer look at how technological progress that radically alters the human condition is shown to impact fictional societies and individuals is then contrasted with the philosophies of actual “transhumanists”. Special consideration is given to issues of class that arise in such circumstances by using Marxist and Post-Marxist readings of the texts. Ultimately, questions of media and perception, aging, and economics shall be asked under these circumstances to add to discussions about possible human futures.

Keywords: Transhumanism, Marxism, Aging Studies, Science Fiction

Literary Foodscapes

Eva-Maria Trinkaus

This dissertation project focuses on representations and discourses of foodscapes in American literature, and analyzes how food can create spaces and places for intergenerational exchange. 

Keywords: Foodscape, intergenerationality, literature, America, age

Aging Identities

Katharina Zwanzger

In her dissertation project, Katharina Zwanzger provides a Critical Discourse Analysis of a nursing home setting and analyses qualitative interviews conducted in an Irish nursing home. The focus of her work lies on the discursive construction of age(ing) and the life course.

Keywords: Applied Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Qualitative Research, Interdisciplinary Ageing Studies


Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Aging and Care
Schubertstraße 23/I
8010 Graz

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